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Avian Hexamitiasis


Acute catarrhal (or even bloody) enteritis with liquid, rice water-like or mucoid, malodorous diarrhea.

Affected pigeons refuse feed and drink more water, resulting in emaciation and debility. Young birds in particular sometimes succumb so severely that the entire intestinal tract is involved and the soft, or aqueous feces, is mixed with blood.

There is no effective treatment for hexamitiasis, although oxytetracycline (0.22% in the feed for 2 wk) or chlortetracycline (0.022-0.044% in the feed for 2 wk) may be of some benefit.

If increased drinking water is required (e.g. in the hatching period or hot weather), do not dilute medicated drinking water. Instead, provide fresh water after the medicated water is finished. Do not provide bath water during the treatment period.

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