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Farmers not only disperse chlorine and phosphorus compounds over the fields but also various special poisons.

Pigeons are often very thirsty and they land somewhere to find water. In many cases they drink from poisoned pools or streams and become the victims of the farming industry. Many of these pigeons are not able to reach their loft, instead die trying to get home.

If a fancier does not help the pigeon in time the bird often will have died by next morning. There is not much we can do to save them but you can always try…

You keep the head of the poisoned pigeon down and you try to remove anything inside the crop as much as possible. With a rubber pipette you can spray some lukewarm water or milk in it but make sure that the pigeon throws it up again.

Some fanciers have been successful at cutting open the bird's & crop, removing any dirt with lukewarm water and rinsing everything with milk and sewing the crop together again. We would like to point out that a bird that has been saved from a mild poison does not always lose its capabilities.

We have seen many pigeons that have reached their top level again after having been infected. However, things are different if the bird has had a serious infection, which often results in burnt out kidneys, liver or intestines. Despite any treatment the bird is not likely to survive such an infection.

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