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First Aid Essentials for Pigeons and Doves

By Lee Gilley

Put together a first-aid kit that a bird owner cannot do without.

  1. Stitching kit: I use dental floss and a regular needle. Sometimes a little bird will get pecked and it will become necessary to stitch up a cut, usually on top of the head. (note: often the cuts may be left to heal on their own. Use Discretion.)

  2. Oxine: This is a liquid, when added to the drinking water will kill 99% of all bacteria.

  3. All In One: Coccidiosis is probably the most common pigeon health problem and All In One contains Amprolium which is listed as both a treatment and a preventative for Coccidiosis. Canker (Trichomoniasis) another common pigeon health issue is both preventable and treatable. All In One contains the safe drug, Ronidazol, a very effective drug. The third most common health problem is worms. All In One contains Levamisole which treats for most worms with the exception of Tape worms. Tylan is the drug of choice for respiratory problems and you will find it in All In One. The fifth ingredient includes probiotics to rebuild gut bacteria and relieve stress.

  4. Penicillin and Tylan 50 which are used for One Eyed Colds, also known as lung infections.

  5. 4 in 1; for the treatment of Canker, E-Coli, Paratyphoid and Coccidiosis.

  6. A selection of needles to inject Tylan and other meds that you may use.

  7. A and D ointment used to treat scabbed over sores.

  8. Medicated Grit.

  9. Probiotics.

  10. Anything else you can think of to help care for the birds.

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